November 30, 2015


Public Speaking, Communication & Presentation Training
Key takeaways
*10 Essential techniques to master public speaking and presenting
*How to communicate & connect, locally & globally with power, passion and purpose
*How to prepare mentally
*Using your body and voice to connect with your audience
*3 Techniques for perfect practice not struggling practice

Sales Training
Key takeaways:
*Rapport building to closing the sale
*Mastering the psychological process one step at a time
*Standing out from your competition
*Confidently handling objections

Expatriate Training
Key takeaways:
*How to successfully relocate and integrate into Canadian culture and enjoy living
and doing business in Canada
*5 steps to internationalization

Real Estate Training
Key takeaways:
*5 Steps to building a profitable & sustainable business
*How to become better at personal marketing
*How to generate leads daily
*Set up appointments with qualified buyers and sellers
*How do I develop work and add value to your book of business
*Proven system to list & sell more properties
*Best processes for handling objections
*Have fun and enjoy your business

Certified Asahi Trainer:

Specialized training in helping you develop your best speaking voice in addition to giving you
a power posture & movements when presenting.

Andy Bassuday: Asahi and Breathing Techniques for Public Speaking

Speaking Engagements and Master of Ceremonies: on request